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Our Franchise Consulting Services

If you have been dreaming of leaving the corporate world behind and diving into entrepreneurship, it is time to take the next step to franchise freedom. Our franchise consulting services vary depending on which step of the process you are at.

We offer the following services to meet your goals:

•     Buying a Franchise

•     Strategic Planning for Franchise Growth

•     Franchise Sales Coaching

•     Improved Franchisee Relations and Communications

•     Franchisee Relations and Franchisee Council Development

•     Dealer Conversion Assistance

•     Franchise Financing

Buying a Franchise

It is your time to achieve franchise ownership, take control of your financial growth, and formulate goals that align with you and your family. Our team of franchise consultants has worked with hundreds of franchisors, licensing and business opportunities, and existing businesses for sale to match with soon-to-be business owners to turn their vision into reality. Our franchisees work with us to help them identify qualified and educated buyers, just like how employers pay “Headhunters” to find the right candidates for their job openings.

Having a franchise consultant at your side is necessary to ensure you are taking each step on the right footing. If you ever feel unsure, we step in to help. We lay out the foundation and build on it, piece by piece. First, we discuss why you want to start a franchise, then learn more about the franchise business model to make sure you are 100% comfortable with the rules. Then, we craft a list of your top skills, dominant personality traits, and create a net worth statement to determine your budget. After, we begin the hunt for franchise opportunities that closely match your top skills and personality traits and contact franchisors that seem to match. While we do that, you start your research and figure out funding to write your business plan. Once you narrow down your choice, we help you make an informed decision about which franchise you want to buy. Finally, the adventure begins!

Strategic Planning for Franchise Growth

Having a plan of action is essential to make sure you stay on track during the franchising process. More often than people think, inadequate planning and development of a franchise business structure before offering franchises are mostly why newcomers fail. Most of the time, franchisors make the mistake of copying the franchise structure of their competitors rather than going by what fits their unique business model. In this case, it is ideal to work smarter, not harder, by creating a strategic plan that outlines both short-term and long-term goals for your franchise. That way, you will find what works for your business only.

Franchise Sales Coaching

With every new business venture, the goal is to either achieve or exceed sales objectives. However, with every new business, there will be bumps along the way. The first step in correcting a sales problem is to identify the nature of the problem, which is done through advising with one of our dedicated franchise consultants to come up with a strategy to present a solution.

Improved Franchisee Relations & Communications

Sometimes some facts can get lost in the shuffle. With a sound, productive relationship the franchise system will not only survive in a highly competitive, ever-changing economy but also thrive and gain market share. Communication is key with everyone involved: franchises, franchisees, and franchisors. By serving as your strategic liaison, you will be in the right direction for pursuing the right franchise opportunities.

Franchisee Relations & Franchisee Council Development

Franchising is based on a core relationship between franchisors and franchisees of mutual interdependence and reliance. For this relationship to thrive, a cooperative understanding has to exist. Since both franchisors and franchisees have different personalities and traits, working with a franchise consultant who can maintain positive franchisee relations and franchisee council development to achieve “win-win” situations is ideal.

Dealer Conversion Assistance

A part of our franchise consulting services is to expand a dealer program. We understand the issues faced by manufacturers when adding a franchise channel. Franchising is not an easy feat. We help you convert dealers and distributors to franchises or other relationships by offering “higher levels of control.”

Franchise Financing

Once you have identified which business you want to franchise, it is time to source funding to get its operations up and running. Financing a franchise is a significant investment, but the long-term potential outweighs the upfront cost for those who are short on capital. If you need financing for your new franchise, we can help. Our certified franchise consultants help you better understand your financing and lending options by referring you to third-party lenders who understand and deal with Franchise Funding every day. There are many options for franchise funding, including Franchisor Financing, Commercial Bank Loans, Small Business Association (SBA) Loans, Alternative Lenders, Personal Assets, Rollovers as Business Startups (ROBS), Crowdfunding, and Friends and Family. By taking the essential steps, we make sure you achieve financial stability.

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