Entrepreneurs and business owners often find franchise ownership appealing. It provides more net wealth growth opportunities from its foundational support and allows you to be your own boss. Franchises are also less of a risky investment than startups tend to be because you gain royalties from their established success in a competitive market.

Learn more about the advantages of owning a franchise, the different types of franchise ownership, and why it can be a profitable investment when starting a business.

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What Are the Benefits of Owning a Franchise?

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While there are many advantages of franchise ownership, they all share the opportunity for you to grow net wealth in common. Net worth is crucial for franchises because it helps the business sustain enough capital to ensure its continued success.

In return, franchisees contribute to the franchise’s net wealth while growing their own. It is a mutually financially beneficial relationship because if both parties succeed, so will the franchise.

Below are five benefits of franchising and how ownership can be a profitable investment.

Practical Business Opportunity for New Franchise Owners

Franchisors have a franchise business model and provide franchisees with training, which is practical if you are new to ownership. It is less risky of a commitment than opening a new business, especially if you have no prior franchise ownership or entrepreneurial experience.

Standardized operations, equipment, and supplies are already determined, so it is easier to follow than creating your own. The parent company also has access to more resources, like call centers and quarterly conferences for franchise tenure support, so you are set up for greater success.

Established Brand Recognition

One of the most well-known advantages of owning a franchise is its brand recognition. With a strong customer base, you can invest in an already successful business that typically yields higher ROI and profits than startups.

According to a study, franchises reported they had 1.8x more sales and created 2.3x more jobs than single-established businesses on average. While these metrics will vary by industry, franchise business model efficiency, and brand success, it is clear that you can reduce failure rates with franchise ownership over non-franchise businesses.

Strong Marketing and Legal Support

Franchises have higher marketing budgets to help keep their locations fully supported with ongoing social media, advertising, and access to more investors. Parent companies also have an established legal department to help with government regulations and compliance if you need to open a store or hire staff.

You do not have to pay out of pocket for marketing and legal departments because it is allotted in the franchisor’s budget.

Increased Buying Power

Franchises have multiple network partners for supplies and product manufacturing. With a franchisor by your side, they have more buying power to negotiate better rates for equipment because of their established relationships that you may not get on your own as an independent business owner.

Easier Funding Access

Receiving more funding is one of the top advantages of owning a franchise. Franchisors have built-in budgets set aside for opening and sustaining franchise locations, making it typically easier to receive. With fewer financial limitations, it gives you more opportunities to expand franchise locations and grow net wealth from a single-store franchise to regional or master franchise agreements.

Different Types of Franchises

There are various types of franchises across many industries. However, they all involve granting licensing to franchisees who want to sell their products or services under the franchise brand name.

There are five main franchises to consider before investing in ownership:

  • Business Format Franchise: A franchisor provides the franchisee with all the supplies needed to open and operate their business—the most recognized type of franchise ownership. Common industries include food service and fitness gym brands.
  • Conversion Franchise: The franchisee joins an existing franchise network that converts into a franchise branch to help operate the business brand. Common industries include real estate and medical clinics.
  • Distribution (Product) Franchise: The franchisor grants the legal right to the franchisee to distribute their branded products to customers. Common products (typically larger) include home appliances and automotive parts.
  • Investment Franchise: The franchisee is involved with overseeing the business at the top level with other franchisor executives and large-scale management teams. Common industries include retail and hospitality.
  • Job Franchise: The franchisor is the sole owner and operator of the business, possibly with a small staff. Common industries include residential repair and cleaning services.

Maximize Your Franchise Ownership Opportunities and Potential

While owning a franchise benefits entrepreneurs with more opportunities due to their successful track record, it is crucial to get professional franchise consultants to help you navigate the process—especially if you have no prior franchising experience.

There are multiple types of franchises with various phases to ownership, like growth planning, securing funding, and assisting dealer conversions. Although franchisors offer ongoing support, they must manage multiple locations, contracts, and people simultaneously.

It is also not guaranteed that franchisors will grant you licensing access if you don’t meet their financial requirements.

At Atticus Franchise Consulting, our franchise ownership consulting services offer a personalized approach to qualify you as a franchise partner. We’ll help you create a strategic plan with a determined net worth budget and contact franchisors on your behalf who are the best match.

Financing a franchise is a significant investment, and with our consultants on your side, you can maximize your ownership opportunities.

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