Are you interested in franchise ownership but need help figuring out where to start? It can be challenging to invest in a franchise without prior experience. There are many brands, comprehensive performance data, and individual franchisee pre-qualifications to consider. 

Learn the best franchises to own for beginners, what makes them practical, and how franchise consultants can maximize your long-term success. 

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What’s the Best Franchise to Own If You’re New to Franchise Ownership?

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The first step for finding the best franchises to own for beginners is preliminary research. You should always use data-driven insights and speak with a professional franchise consultant before buying into a franchise to ensure it’s a profitable investment.

The qualifications of best starter franchises include: 

  • Low Startup Capital Requirements: Minimal upfront costs to open a franchise for greater financial accessibility 
  • Simple Franchise Business Models: Small or easy franchises to own and operate with funded resources
  • Local In-Demand Industries: Business sectors with high consumer demands in the area you’re interested in to ensure your franchise location’s success
  • High Net Income: History of high-profit margins, demonstrating the consistent success of a franchise brand in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

7 Best Franchises to Own for Beginners: Practical & Profitable Starter Franchises to Consider

Below are the seven top-rated franchises to own for new franchisees and why they’re worth considering per the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) 2024 Economic Report and brand business models. 

1. The Shutter House

The Shutter House is one of the best franchises to own for beginners because of its mobile and flexible structure. Because you don’t have a physical office, you don’t need to set a percentage of sales aside for monthly rent, property insurance, and ongoing building maintenance/sanitation costs.

The Shutter House brand installs interior and exterior shutters with full-service offerings, such as window treatments, wood blinds, and shutter hardware. 

The benefits of investing in The Shutter House franchise include:

  • Home-based franchise opportunity to reduce overhead and initial investment costs 
  • Passive franchise business model, allowing you to balance another job or role 
  • Recruiting assistance for service contractors 

2. Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America

With the latest advancements in healthcare technology, patients are investing in renewals and upgrades of their medical equipment, including orthotics and prosthetics. The prosthetics industry revenue has grown at a CAGR of 1.4% over the past five years, with projections to reach $1.7B in 2024. 

This same report shows the top prosthetic products include:

  • Lower and upper leg
  • Toe and partial toe
  • Arm and shoulder
  • Wrist/hand 

For orthotics, medical advancements such as 3D scanning/printing and healthcare e-commerce are influencing further consumer adoption. Patients want to invest in customized orthotics and access them conveniently. The orthotics industry revenue has significant growth with a CAGR of 7.8%, with projections to reach $8.82B by 2032. 

Based on industry growth trends and analysis, the Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America is a practical franchise to invest in. This franchise brand offers a wide range of orthotic and prosthetic services, such as extremity prosthetics, in-house 3D printers, and same-day fittings. 

The benefits of investing in the Orthotic & Prosthetic Clinics of America franchise include:

  • Matching franchise owners with clinicians for quality patient care
  • Consulting on revenue cycle, cash flow analysis, compliance management, strategic planning, and more
  • Assisting with insurance billing/credentialing, costs of goods, and site locations 

3. Bright Brothers Exterior Washing & Holiday Lights

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The IFA states the 2024 housing market is expected to improve in affordability, supply, and mortgage rates. With industry improvements on the forecast, residential and commercial services are projected to grow by 4.6%. Other factors, such as the increase in remote work and new homeowners, are predicted to contribute to industry growth. 

Bright Brothers Exterior Washing & Holiday Lights is one of the easiest franchises to open because it’s a mobile-based business. They offer various exterior home and commercial cleaning services, including roofs, windows, decks, and holiday light installations. 

The benefits of investing in the Bright Brothers Exterior Washing & Holiday Lights franchise include:

  • Minimal overhead costs with few equipment pieces required and mobile-based franchise business model
  • Recurring revenue opportunities since holidays and property maintenance are consistent 
  • Large North American territory, with areas of 200k population and 50k qualified households

4. Floor Coverings International 

Floor Coverings International is one of the best franchises to own for beginners because it’s a mobile-based business. The housing market is also predicted to improve, which new franchise owners can capitalize on. Floor Coverings International offers residential and commercial flooring services for various materials, including carpet, hardwood, and vinyl. 

Additionally, the International Franchise Professionals Group also recently ranked Floor Coverings International in the Top 10 Home-Based Franchises on May 26, 2024. 

The benefits of investing in the Floor Coverings International franchise include:

  • Mobile-based business to reduce overhead costs and initial investments with increased schedule flexibility 
  • Comprehensive two-year onboarding program, including CRM data, employee, and sales leadership training
  • Ongoing SEO, social media, and lead-generation marketing support 

5. Resting Rainbow Pet Memorial & Cremation

Pet services are expected to grow by 3% in 2024 and are among the fastest-growing industries this year, per the IFA. The national increase in pet ownership, shorter pet lifespans, and per-pet expenses boosted industry sales to meet consumer demands. 

Resting Rainbow Pet Memorial & Cremation is also a good franchise to invest in because it’s a brand with a great cause new owners can get behind. 

The benefits of investing in the Resting Rainbow Pet Memorial & Cremation franchise include:

  • Only two employees minimum are required to start
  • Consistent consumer demands, with 70% of households owning pets
  • Sensitivity training in emotional support and handling cremations 

6. Grizzly Auto Detailing

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The automotive industry is growing at a CAGR of 5.98% and is expected to reach $237.33B by 2028. With over 292 million vehicles in the U.S. last year alone and consumers maintaining their existing ones due to high car market pricing, the automotive aftermarket sector is favorable due to current trends. These automotive submarkets include detailing, car washing, and restoration services. 

Grizzly Auto Detailing offers vast mobile vehicle interior cleaning and detailing services, such as surface decontamination and leather protection. It’s one of the easiest franchises to run because it’s a mobile-based business model with ongoing ownership support. 

The benefits of investing in the Grizzly Auto Detailing franchise include:

  • No computing and sending fees for royalty and brand fund deductions
  • Passive and mobile franchise business model for easier management and reduced overhead costs
  • Mobile application operations to book and retain customers easily

7. Schooley Mitchell

The IFA’s 2024 franchise industry report states accounting brands offering business services are expected to grow by 1.8% due to small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) increasing their outsourcing to reduce operational costs. 

Schooley Mitchell is a franchise brand worth investing in because they started as an accounting business and evolved into a telecommunications consulting firm. They help companies analyze their bills to optimize their spending. With SMB owners outsourcing as needed, this franchise brand’s restructure tailors to their consumer needs. 

The benefits of investing in the Schooley Mitchell franchise include:

  • Low initial investment, under $50,00
  • Optional home-based franchise opportunity or small office 
  • Significant market opportunities with North American businesses wasting an estimated 35% in budgets

Start Your Franchise Journey Off Strong with a Franchise Consultant-Backed Blueprint for Beginners

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