Certified Franchise Consultants for Franchise Ownership

Beginning a new adventure into franchise ownership can be an overwhelming, daunting process. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through each step alone. Atticus Franchise Consulting is your one-stop-shop for your franchising opportunity needs.

Business Consultants for Franchising Opportunities

We are a certified franchise business that guides you through each step of the process, at no cost and with no obligation to you. We’ve helped hundreds of franchises along the way exceed their goals. It’s your turn to make your dream a reality.

Achieve Your Dreams of Business Ownership

Sometimes it takes having the right conversation to turn a vision into reality. If you are considering fulfilling your dream of self-employment and franchise ownership, then you arrived at the right place. As active, long-time members of the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG), we understand and acknowledge the importance of this vital step—for you and your family—and we are here to help you search for the perfect business.

Let’s lay it out on the table; researching and finding a business or franchise ownership can be so much at once, especially when you do not have the right support system. Our team of dedicated franchise consultants and counselors are here to educate you on all aspects to ensure you make an informed decision that works for both you and your family’s future. You should never have to go through this process alone.

From the moment you decide you want to pursue franchise ownership, we are ready to hit the ground running with you as your confidant. Serving as your matchmaker, we help you find the perfect franchise that aligns with your passion, financial goals, and lifelong agenda. The end goal is to help you build wealth for the future and leave a legacy for your family. Begin your journey today.

Our Franchise Consulting Services

Have you been thinking about starting your own franchise? Tired of going through the daily grind of a 9 to 5 when you can be your own boss? Before diving into the deep end, our franchise consulting services lay out the building blocks you need to begin your new business adventure with a stable foundation.

Free Franchise Consultants – People talk all the time about how nothing is free in life. Well, our franchise consultations seriously are. Zero cost. Zero obligation. We consult on buying a franchise, strategic growth planning, franchise sales coaching, improved franchisee relations, franchisee council development, and dealer conversion assistance.

Franchise Funding – Now that you have chosen your new franchise, the next step is to secure funding to get to your grand opening. We have you covered with all your franchise financing needs to help you better understand your options and refer you to trusted third-party lenders with various types of lending programs that deal with franchise funding each and every day.

Franchising Your Business – Have you gone through the four phases process? Then, it is time to see if you are ready for franchising. Our franchise consultants bring all the necessary franchise legal experience, business and operations experience, franchise experience, and franchise sales and marketing experience to take you through each phase of the franchise process. If you want to expand your business, consider all the franchising opportunities available to you before making an informed decision.

Franchises We Represent

We serve our clients as trusted advisors, counselors, educators, and guides through the franchising process. Through leveraging our 35 years of experience, our team has successfully helped candidates make the important life decision to jump into franchise ownership. We’ve had the pleasure of fostering trusted partnerships with hundreds of franchises in different industries across the United States.

No one knows your franchise as well as you. Let your new business venture be next!

How We Help You

We help you strategize, plan, and execute your plan. One step at a time. We can help you achieve your goals.

First, we speak with you to understand your personal and professional goals, what you envision for franchise ownership, and establish your priorities. The good news is that we have guidelines on how to start already in place, long before we meet. That way, after our meeting, we dive straight into finding franchisors that align with your goals and objectives.

Next, we research current businesses and franchise opportunities and educate you on what their requirements are for franchise ownership. That way, you will make the most beneficial, informed decision that meets you and your family’s goals.

Then, we put together a list of franchises that you might not want to consider based on what we gather from today’s marketplace, keeping your overall goals in mind.

Why Choose Us

The proof is in the pudding. We understand how complex the journey to franchising can be. With more than 35 years under our belt as franchisees, franchisors, and franchise consultants, we formulated a step-by-step process that is proven successful. Our clients chose to partner with us because of our unique, personalized process:

Our service to you is always 100% free with zero obligations. That’s right. If we help you find the ideal franchise match, the franchisor provides us with a referral fee. You incur zero expenses.

Our team has active memberships at the International Franchise Professionals Group (IFPG).

Our detailed research process enables us to connect you with a franchise opportunity that complements your personal and professional goals for long-term success.

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